Do you ever feel stumped at what to wear for your Session?

Below are a few helpful tips!

Choosing a specific color palette is a great starting place. I have color palettes below for examples. Everyone in the session can express themselves within that color palette.

Shopping at the same store helps but of course is not necessary. Amazon and Old Navy have so many coordinated options.

Keep it simple and comfy. Wear something you feel good in because it will show in the end results.

Patterns are fun! However make sure everyone is not wearing a pattern otherwise it will clash.

Different textured clothes also a good choice! For example velvet, plaid, cotton, pleather, jean. The more different textures the more interesting.

When in doubt All black never fails!

What to wear for family photo session
What to wear for your Family photo session in the winter
What to wear for you Family Photography Session in the winter
What to wear for your Fall Family photography session

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