Play Hooky and Pose

In a world with weekend activities, have you considered the hidden benefits that a weekday photo session can offer? Here are three reasons why booking a weekday photo session might be key to capturing your most cherished moment.

1)Availability and Flexibility:

Weekdays generally have a lower demand for photo sessions compared to weekends. Which means more dates and times available. We as photographers often have more flexibility and availability during the week, making it easier for you to secure your preferred time slots. Obviously most, if not all individuals work a 9-5 type job. So it would seem impossible to book a session during the week right? Wrong. Booking in advance with your photographer makes it easier to request a little time off work to prepare for this weekday session. If taking time off work is too impossible then of course those weekend slots are always there. Just be sure to snag one in advance before your photographer books up!

2) Quieter and More Relaxed Atmosphere:

Weekdays typically see fewer people at popular photography spots, such as parks, beaches, urban settings, etc. .. Less people? Heck ya! This can contribute to a more relaxed and intimate vibe during the photo session. Without the weekend crowds, you may feel more comfortable which in result more natural photos. Not to mention easier parking!

3) Cost Savings and Special Offers:

A weekday session may give an opportunity to take advantage of cost savings or additional perks. Now I can't speak for everyone but many photographers offer specials or sometimes discounted rates for weekday sessions. I know for myself I try and run a special during the slower months during the week. For example, right now I am running a special for February geared towards couples. I had a few weekday spots booked for it. A win win in my eyes!

IF taking time off or school schedules gets in the way... When in doubt play hooky! You didn't hear that from me though lol

If you would like to take advantage of my current special, click the image below =)

For all the lovers out yourself a couples session... You won't regret it!