Do you break into a cold sweat at the mere thought of standing in front of the camera?

Well, fear not!

Whether you're gearing up for a family photoshoot or capturing those sweet moments as a couple, i've got the perfect guide to help you shake off camera shyness and embrace being photographed.

1. Get Comfortable with Your Photographer:

Building a rapport with your photographer is like finding the perfect dance partner. Strike up a conversation, share a laugh, and let the camaraderie flow. The more comfortable you are with your photographer, the more at ease you'll feel in front of the lens. Most likely your photographer will prompt this so if you're shy dont worry! I know for myself i talk alot during sessions, extrovert problems lol.

2. Practice Makes Perfect:

No one became a pro overnight! Before the big day, grab your partner or family members, and practice posing in front of a mirror. Find angles that make you feel confident, experiment with different expressions, and throw in a some goofy poses for good measure. I have an unlimited amount of prompts that i love to use, so if you are feeling stuck on what to do , i gotchoo!

3. Embrace Your Unique Vibe:

Remember, the camera loves authenticity. Don't be afraid to let your true personality show and be yourself. incorporating elements of you will not only make the photos more meaningful but will also help you feel more relaxed.

4. Choose the Right Setting:

Selecting a location that resonates with your family or relationship can work wonders. Whether it's a familiar park, a cozy coffee shop, or even your own backyard, being in a setting that feels like 'you' can significantly ease camera anxiety. In home sessions are actually great for camera anxiety. You are in your own space and don't have to worry about onlookers if that is something that adds to the ANXIOUSNESS for you.

5. Turn It Into a Fun Activity:

Transform the photoshoot into a playful bonding experience. Plan a picnic, play some games, or bring along your pet. PEts are always welcome to my photo sessions. even if you don't want them to be in all of the photos, if your fur baby makes you feel more relaxed bring them along! The more you focus on enjoying the moment, the less you'll worry about the camera.

6. Breathe and Be Present:

When the camera clicks, take a deep breath, and be in the moment. Forget about the lens and focus on the love and connection you share.

If all else fails... maybe have a cocktail before your session ;)

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