Freezing in time your world...

Instead of a long bio here are A FEW FUN FACTS instead...

Photography has been a passion of mine for 15+ years and professionally 10 years.

I'm a single mom of two wild boys so family sessions come natural to me, especially with littles.

I am and always will be a hopeless romantic. Fully embracing that has made capturing couples so rewarding for me and for the amazing humans I get to photograph.

I'm very clumsy & almost always fall during sessions so don't be alarmed, im used to it=)

I am 5 years overdue for my own family portraits. Don't be like me!

Sacramento Elopement and small wedding photographer, Elk Grove Family photographer

My Favorite coffee from starbies is a Brown sugar shaken Oatmilk Espresso with chocolate cream foam on top..mmm

Elk Grove California Family Photographer

Aside from photography I work from home in the healthcare industry going on 16 years!

Photography is SO important, I cannot stress that enough. At the end of the day all we have left is our memories and sometimes our memories fail us. So providing families and individuals with art that you can cherish for many years fills my heart like you wouldn't believe.