Grace and Fayaz

My amazing friend of over 20 years, a strong woman of Christian faith and a strong man of Muslim faith. A tale as old as time right? But first I want to talk about how they met because I love a good organic meeting. Summer at the gym, I am laying out outside and here comes Grace on her way to tell me how this man came into the spin room to talk to her. A man she's always noticed and a man that's always noticed her. Approaching someone you're interested in at the gym can be scary as heck, if you know you know lol. BUT luckily they clicked immediately, swapped numbers and the rest is history. And i'm so glad he went up to her that day, I have never seen my bestie so happy in all my years knowing her and he loves her two children like his own.

Once they knew their love for each other was serious and deep, they realized their differing faiths would need to be addressed. Concerns of each others family possibly not approving or how to raise their future children . Those are big deals when you have a strong faith. These two though, they are the most open minded individuals while still staying true to themselves and their beliefs. Once they met each others families those concerns were gone with the wind. Both families accepted the other with zero hesitation and embraced them with so much love.

Now fast forward a little more, obviously these two were more than ready to get married. It happened to be Ramadan time. Ramadan is a month of fasting, prayer, reflection and community, A month of restrictions and new growth in their relationship. On the 27th day of Ramadan, Laylatul Qadr. It is known as the night of power, a blessed day. This was the perfect day for them to say I do. They had a Nikah that night and a delicious feast afterwards. A Nikah is a muslim/islamic wedding ceremony and it was so freaking amazing to watch two wholesome humans commit to each other for life.

The photos at the end are extra special because during Ramadan unmarried couples are not allowed to touch. Which means no hugs, hand holding,etc. Imagine how difficult that is for people in love =( . But It is apart of the fasting and they both respect each others beliefs so they did what they had to do! So when they finally were able to embrace again it was literally captured on me lol. I didn't even realize it at first but i'm so lucky to have witnessed and captured it. The happiness on their faces is so contagious.