Elena s Blair photography at the Wppi conference during a photo walk
Jordan Smith Photographer at the WPPI conference
Chloe Ramirez Photographer at the WPPI conference
Jerry Ghionis at Wppi conference
Dr. Tomayia at the Wppi conference

2023 WPPI conference was such an amazing experience! For anyone that doesn't know, WPPI stands for "Wedding and Portrait Photography" . This is basically a yearly summer camp for photographers but on crack...in the best way. It is for photographers of all types... from amateur to hobbyist to professionals. If you have a spark for photography , THIS is the place to go.

But let me first start off with these low quality images you see above. As a newbie to WPPI I didn't think I would need my camera. I just wanted to learn and observe. These photos were all taken with my iPhone, I immediately regretted not bringing my Nikon. *insert tears... The Showroom floor had so many different shooting bays with models you could practice with. There were photo walks available where you can go along with a professional photographer and learn their technique's, ask any questions and also photograph with. Above you see Elena Blair, one of my favorite lifestyle photographer. Meeting so many different photographers that you are inspired by is just the cherry on top with this place.

I attended so many different seminar classes as you see above. Learned from the best of the best. Hence what inspired me to make a blog section on here. I only went 2 of the 4 days sadly as I had to get home back to work and kids, but next year its on! ill be there all 4 days which means more classes I can attend and more fun events they throw at the end of the day. This conference reignited my love and passion for photography, Which is what I was hoping it would do.I attended with no expectations and left happier, ready to create and motivated.

To close, I just want to recommend to any photographers that attend. BOOK YOUR HOTEL AT THE SAME LOCATION THE CONFERENCE IS BEING HELD AT. I learned this lesson the hard way lol

*Photographers in the above seminar photos are Elena Blair, Matthew Jordan Smith, Chloe Ramirez , Jerry Ghionis and Dr. Tomayia Colvin*

And shoutout to Peter Hurley's Headshot Crew for this free headshot!