Meet your Photographer...

Hey hey! We will be in contact throughout your wedding experience so I figured I'd re-introduce myself.

As you know I am a photographer lol. I've been at it for over 15 years, since I graduated high school! Capturing couples is my favorite thing in the world to photograph so you are in good hands.

I do not do this full time, I've been working for Kaiser the last 15 years. So if I don't respond right away I am probably doing that work (boring).

I have two boys, 12 and 15. one of my favorite things to do with them is a roasting session. They are comedians and keep me laughing. I love to joke around and am not easily offended with jokes so throw whatever you got at me!

if you ever think you are bothering me with questions ,you are not. Ask away anytime (email/phone). PREFERABLY email so i can keep track of it easier. share ideas/photos you have with me in regards to your big day. I want to help as much as possible when it comes to your photography.

I hope this guide takes some ease off of the stress of planning a wedding, let me know If you have any questions!



creating your wedding day timeline

If we haven't already done this , we will do a zoom or phone call to create your wedding day timeline in regards to photographs. I will make sure to get all the details to be prepared and capture the important events.


Complete your QUESTIONNAIRE and fill out your contract

If you haven't already please make sure to complete these two items =)



You know what happens on this step...magic and excitement =)


Gallery Delivery

You will receive your Gallery through my online portal in 4-6 weeks from the wedding day. Your photo album (if in your package) will soon follow.

Below I have a Photography Prep Guide for you! It has lots of useful information to help you prepare and plan your big day

Awesome local vendors for you to check out in case you are in need...


Balayage by Jill


IG baxterjillian

9253 EG blvd, Elk Grove


Elegant Designs Bridal


IG elegantdesignsbridal

2001 Arden Way, Sacramento CA


Ernesto Robledo


IG graffiti_bridal

Artika Singh

IG artistry by_artika


Helios Artistry Spray Tan/teeth whitening

IG heliosartistrytans

9253 EG blvd, Elk Grove

I can't wait for the big day! Let me know if you have any questions